johnIf it’s true that charity begins at home, it’s equally true of health care. This is central to our mission at CentraState. True and effective health reform begins with taking personal responsibility for the choices we make, and focusing on fitness, wellness, and prevention is the place to start. Our partners in the CentraState Fitness and Wellness Center get it. They worked with us to plan a full array of wellness programming, and now they operate the Center to give our community the tools they need to become, and remain, healthy. They share with CentraState our vision for redefining community health care for the 21st century.

John Gribbin, President & Chief Executive Officer, CentraState Healthcare System

barryThe Princeton Fitness and Wellness Center serves members and countless others who attend education events and receive rehabilitation services. Since opening in May 2003, the center has been a vital hub in Princeton Healthcare System’s efforts to support a healthier lifestyle through exercise and community education. We recognize our partners at Princeton Fitness and Wellness Professional Services for their dedication, professionalism and leadership in making our combined vision a reality.

Barry Rabner, President & Chief Executive Officer, Princeton HealthCare System

kirkThe RWJ Rahway Fitness & Wellness Center and RWJ Rahway Fitness & Wellness Center at Carteret are more than gyms, they are resources for the community. The Centers effectively bring together state-of-the-art fitness equipment, community health education, support groups and physiological monitoring in a facility with many of the amenities of a fine hotel. The target population is one of all ages and physical conditioning who desire the benefits of regular exercise and increased health awareness. The RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center and RWJ Rahway Fitness & Wellness Center at Carteret have had a positive effect on the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway brand in the marketplace.

Kirk Tice, President & Chief Executive Officer, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway